Lethal Agenda Available on Amazon!

Be sure to check out the trailer or the new blockbuster thriller by Dillon Cross.

Lethal Agenda by Dillon Cross. Now available on Amazon.

Detective Jake Turner, NYPD, has been ostracized by the entire NYPD Homicide Squad after the violent death of his partner during a bust gone bad the previous year.

He is certain that high level corruption from his NYPD superiors to the mayor’s office and beyond is at the root of the growing problems in the department. So far, concrete proof has escaped him.

Jake finds himself hated by his fellow detectives, on the run, wanted by the Mob and framed by the system. He has to face up to his past as he fights to save what’s left of his future, and comes to the realization that he must choose who he can save and who he must let go.

There are enough twists and turns in this highly charged action thriller to keep you turning pages right up until the end.

Lethal Agenda, available Spring, 2017. Get your copy on Amazon.com.